Announcing GDG & WTM Hubli community blog

Announcing GDG & WTM Hubli community blog


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Hey everyone ๐Ÿ‘‹

We have some interesting news!! We at GDGHubli are excited to announce that we have opened a collaborative team blog on Hashnode. You can now write and publish articles on GDG & WTM Hubli community's blog.

We are on a mission to promote technology and build a strong community in the city of Hubli / Dharwad and be a part of upcoming glory tech days. Sharing knowledge and being a platform for collaboratively producing content is one of our steps toward our mission. Read through this article to know more about how you can be a part of and contribute to the thriving GDGHubli tech community.

Google Developers Hubli and Women Techmakers Hubli is one of the rising developer communities in North Karnataka. We are 1500+ members strong and still counting. The community is proud of itself for being inclusive, diverse, and welcoming to everyone. We have students, entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders in technology as part of the community. Conducting meetups, study jams, workshops, and many more events like these are what we love to do for our community.

Are you a member of GDG and WTM Hubli? If not, click here and join our vibrant community, don't forget to join our new Discord server

How to publish your article on GDGHubli publication?

Choose a topic.

We are a tech community. Hence we are focused on publishing articles related to the technology field. If you need suggestions, you can reach out to us as well. We can help figure out a topic that will fit your forte.

Below are a few ideas :

  • "How to" format.

  • "Getting started" format.

  • "Top 5 ways to...." / "Top 10 tools in...." format

  • Deep dive tutorials format

  • Articles that talk about your experience attending events / being a speaker

  • Leadership / Entrepreneurship / Startup focused articles

Reach out to us via email at with your article title and a quick brief of it. This is to ensure that people don't proceed with writing an article that doesn't fit the content style of this blog. We will go through your email and reach out to you to discuss further.

Once you have a green signal, proceed with the following.

1. Log in / Create an account on Hashnode

  • This blog is hosted on Hashnode. Thus you are required to have an account on Hashnode.

2. Share your hashnode username with us

  • Once done, we will get back to you and share an invite to our publication. This invitation will make you a member of our blog, letting you submit articles to the blog and make you the author of articles that you submit as well.

4. Start writing

  • You can start writing an article on the Hashnode platform. If you are new to Hashnode, follow these guides to get comfortable with the platform.

  • The blog editor uses Markdown. To get comfortable with Markdown, check out this webpage.

  • Once you write the article, click on "Settings."

  • In the "Select a blog" section, click the drop-down and choose Check out the image below to get a clear idea.

Select blog publication.gif

5. Add in other details

  • In the "Settings" section, fill in other details that are relevant to the article.

  • Some sections focus on providing better SEO for the article. Do fill in those sections for better visibility. Also, add tags that relate to the article content.

  • Don't worry about the cover image for the post. We will take care of it.

6. Submit

  • Once you have added all the details, click on the Submit button in the "Settings" section.

  • Our GDG/WTM team will check and review your submission.

  • If we feel there are some changes / additional information to be added, we will get in touch with you.

  • Once our team review is completed, it's a green signal. We will publish your article on the GDGHubli team blog publication and share it within our network and on social media. So, update your social media handles on your hashnode account. You can do so here

We hope the procedure to contribute to GDG & WTM Hubli's blog is clear. In case you have any queries, please feel free to leave a comment / write us an email or reach out to us on social media handles. We will surely get back to you.

We look forward to our community members using this platform to share their experiences and knowledge with a larger audience. Taking this step of building a blog for our community is an initiative to foster collaboration, better knowledge sharing, and building an online presence that can benefit the community and also the individuals. We hope you take a step forward in contributing to this blog and we, as a team, will do our best to support and create content to grow our community.

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